Top 5 – The Best Cheap ATVs in 2020

These Are the 5 Best Afforable ATVs

These are five of the cheapest four wheelers available in 2020 that offer the best value for the money. These ATVs are selected from the top ATV brands with proven track records and chosen with reliability and price in mind. All lists are subjective but we paid special attention to cost, ease of use, overall quality and pure fun factor.

ATVs are popular for trail riding, farming, hunting, yard work and more but there’s no need to exceed your budget when buying one. The following five used ATV models have distinguished themselves over the years, are available at low cost and are reliable.

The Kawasaki Brute Force 300 ATV

The cheapest four wheeler on the list is the Kawasaki Brute Force 300 had an MSRP of $4,999 US. The Brute Force 300 is among the best four-wheeler in that price range and, in our opinion, is the best ATV for the money this year. Labeled as a mid-size utility ATV the Brute Force 300 is equipped with an automatic transmission and a liquid-cooled four-stroke engine. It has a wheelbase of 45.87 inches and a seat height of 33.3 inches.

It wins my vote because it does everything well, is reliable, and you can put it’s 500 lb tow capacity to work whenever needed. The Brute Force 300 is a two-wheel drive ATV and parts are plentiful thanks to sharing many of the same components found on Kawasaki’s Wolverine ATV. A speedometer, trip meter, fuel and temp gauges, a clock and high-beam indicators are all standard equipment on the Brute Force 300. It also has a 12 month industry standard warranty, it’s hard to go wrong with this Kawasaki ATV.

The Yamaha Kodiak 700 ATV

The Yamaha Kodiak 700 has an MSRP of $7,199 and is more of a value entry than a budget entry on this list. The Kodiak 700 is much more powerful than the Brute Force 300 and has a four-wheel drive suspension. While it is a great choice as a utility ATV it’s also powerful and sporty enough to make riding the trails a lot of fun. It has Yamaha’s new 700-class big-bore engine and a super-smooth clutch that puts the power down whenever you need it, especially if you need mid-range torque.

The Kodiak 700 is equipped with a gated shifter, hi/lo and reverse gears and a constant-tension centrifugal clutch. A stainless steel exhaust, upgraded rims and tires, a lever operated 2wd/4wd lever and other nice features earn it a spot on this list. You feel the quality when riding the Kodiak 700, little touches like the tank mounted storage compartment to keep your mobile device safe and dry are a nice touch. Ergonomics on this ATV are perfect for someone of average to tall height, you won’t ever feel like it’s too small.

The Polaris Sportsman 450 ATV

With an MSRP of $6,249 the Polaris Sportsman 450 makes this list on the strength of it’s handling and performance. Notable features include an electronic fuel injected engine and a ground clearance of 10.5 Inches. A third factory mounted headlight, industry leading storage room and a staggering 1,200 lb towing capacity help provide a lot of value for the cost. In fact several more expensive ATVs fall short of what the Polaris Sportsman 450 has to offer.

The Polaris Sportsman 450 has a reliable 500cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine and an on-demand all-wheel drive transmission. A build in volt meter and DC power outlet come in handy when you need to plug in your battery charger. The HO version of the Sportsman 450 is perfectly suited for operating in cold weather and can operate a snow plow with ease. A 1,225 lb winch capacity can pull the ATV out of a jam with the rider on it easily. If you need these features included with your ATV the price is very reasonable.

The Honda FourTrax Rancher ATV

The Honda FourTrax Rancher four-wheeler offers tremendous value for the MSRP price of $6,199. It is perhaps the best and most affordable ATV as it offers considerable features on the base model. You get a lot of value for your dollar with the Honda Rancher. A reliable 420cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine comes standard with plenty of power and torque for any application. With an electric starter and 9.9 to 1 compression ratio sending power through a 5-speed transmission the Honda Rancher ATV doesn’t feel under-powered.

The Honda Rancher has a ground clearance of 7.2 inches. This ATV stands out from the rest based on three factors. #1 – Most everything you absolutely need is available on the base model which is very reasonably priced for a NEW ATV. #2 – Most accessories that you may require are an available option with Honda Motors ATVs. #3 – Honda Motors has a wide network of dealers and mechanics that provide maintenance and service so getting help in troubleshooting mechanical issues is easy.

The Can-Am Outlander MAX 450 DPS

Can-Am Outlander MAX 450 DPS ATVs have an MSRP of $8,099. What is an $8,000 ATV doing on a “cheap ATVs” list? Value, that’s what. What you get for what you pay varies and you get what you pay for and then some with the Outlander MAX 450. On a Can-Am ATV DPS means Dynamic Power Steering. Dynamic power steering mechanically assists the rider by adapting to the all-terrain vehicle’s speed. At lower speed, DPS provides assistance to reduce the effort required to turn while at higher speeds it allows the rider to feel and control turning fully.

Can-Am Outlander MAX 450 DPS Specs include an impressive towing capacity of 1300 lbs. Overall performance, quality, reliability and comfort levels reflect the slightly higher price-tag, which is still much lower than many other models offering similar options. The MAX 450 DPS is listed as a utility ATV but it feels quite sporty to ride and quite capable to work.

Best value budget ATVs

  • Kawasaki Brute Force 300: $4,999
  • Yamaha Kodiak 700: $7,199
  • Polaris Sportsman 450: $6,249
  • Honda FourTrax Rancher: $6,199
  • Can-Am Outlander MAX 450 DPS: $8,099
  • note: emphasis placed on value

About ATV accessory options

These ATVs were chosen in part due to the extensive availability of after-market components available. The higher priced ATVs on this list include some of these options as stock while other lower priced ATVs offer them as an add-on or accessory which ultimately may cost more than the price of the higher priced ATV. Comparing ATVs with different stock options is a bit tricky so I suggest comparing stock ATVs + the options you want against ATVs that already include the stock options you want.

The best part about having a wide range of available ATV accessories is that you can customize your four-wheeler and make it perfect for your needs. Do you need a plow? If not right now, maybe you want one in the future? A snow plow is one example of an attachment you should consider before buying an ATV. If you go with a cheaper ATV that can’t meet your needs it doesn’t provide as much value as one that can be upgraded. This list is subjective but I hope it helps you consider a few more ATVs in your search for the best new cheap 2020 ATV to meet your needs.

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