ATV Poker Run | Family Fun Event

ATV Poker Run | Family Fun Event

What is an ATV poker run? An ATV poker run is an event in which a group of ATV riders start out in one location and are given directions to various checkpoints. When each rider in the ATV poker run reaches one of those checkpoints they are given a marked playing card. Most poker runs have either 5 or 7 checkpoints and the object of the run is to have the best poker hand at the end of the event.

Is there a time limit to ATV poker runs? Yes, in general there is a time limit but it is not set as to force you to rush, instead it is set in order to have time to wrap up the event and hand out the prizes.

Prizes? Yes, most ATV poker runs ask for a small sign-up fee in order to pay for the prizes which may be cash or sponsor discounts. Charity ATV poker runs are popular in that 100% of the proceeds are donated to a charity in the name of the sponsor and the winner.

Getting out and meeting other ATV enthusiasts is what makes ATV poker runs fun. Making new friends, having a good time at a BBQ, having an excuse to ride the quad, all good!

Is there an ATV poker run in your area? Contact an ATV club near you and ask. If the answer is no you’re more than welcome see if there would be community interest. If no ATV poker runs are currently planned, SUGGEST ONE. If you know of a great ATV club or are planning a poker run leave me a note, I can add it to the ATV clubs list!

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