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The Spudbug ATV Camper

The Spudbug ATV camper is a serious ATV based, tow-able camping trailer. The Spudbug is designed to provide you with a good night's sleep in the outdoors where a traditional tent is not practical. The Spudbug comes with a self-contained cooling system and portable water source with an optional shower and heating system. The spudbug also comes with some quality engineering traits built-in, such as the multi-rotational axle suspension(MRAS) to prevent you from getting stuck.

Spudbug ATV Camper

With a suggested retail price well under 1000.00 the Spudbug ATV camper merits serious consideration for any camping and outdoor enthusiast. I feel that it is a good attachment for any company that requires it's workers to travel into remote locations on an ATV. Even the most simple breakdown, or broken radio equipment, can become critical when camp is many miles away. With a Spudbug, camp is always with you! Spudbug inc. is based in Utah, for more details Call 1-888-809-SPUD (7783) or visit

Here are the Spudbug ATV camper specs: Length of bed unexpanded is 46 inches. Length of bed expanded is 92 inches. Spudbug Bed width is 49 inches, approximately. Unloaded Spudbug weight is 480 lbs and maximum load is 1,000 lbs.

Tapered bearings in all wheels including grease zerks, 1 7/8 inch ball with 4 pin wire plug, Coleman extreme cooler, multi-rotational wheel assembly, powder coated frame, marker lights, led brake light/tail light, ground clearance 15 inches, rotomolded high impact plastic, 4 wire automotive type trailer plug, made in usa from us and imported parts, load capacity is 1,000 lbs and the warranty is 6 months for the trailer and 5 years on plastic bed and lid.

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