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by Jean Harris



Route 6×6 ATV – 6×6 ATVs are the true ‘go anywhere’ vehicles in the ATV world. A 6×6 ATV plows the snow from your lane-way in the winter as easily as it can take you for a cruise on the lake in the summer. 6×6 ATVs can turn on a dime, cruise through terrain that gives even the most modified off road four wheel ATV a challenge and can carry six passengers in the process. 6×6 ATVs are in again!

I recently had the pleasure of stumbling across Richard Clark’s website,, and was glued to it for over an hour. Richards route 6×6 ATV site covers everything you’d want to know about this once extremely popular vehicle and I highly recommend visiting it yourself. The 6×6 ATV pictures in this article are from route 6× (with permission from Richard of course) and you will find many many more.

Richard has done an admirable job in making sure that the history of 6×6 ATVs is also preserved and available on the web, it’s a top notch resource. If you own a 6×6 ATV, or have the chance to purchase one, you’ll want to bookmark too since Richards store has perhaps the largest inventory of 6×6 ATV parts in the US if not the world!

Many types of 6×6 vehicles were produced including makes such as ATTEX, ARGO, HUSTLER, MAX, MAX II, MAX 2, MAX IV, AMPHICAT, SERRA TRAIL BOSS, SCRAMBLER, SIERRA, JIGER, STARCRAFT, TERRA TIGER, CHAPPARAL, RIM, SWAMP FOX, CAMEL, COOT, TERRA JET and CUSHMAN TRACKSTER. If you need the parts, Richards your guy!

Richard could use your help too, besides hosting a 6×6 classifieds section for enthusiasts to keep in touch with other owners Richard is trying to accomplish the following

Letting others know these cool vehicles exist.
Providing general and technical information on 6×6 vehicles.
Establishing a rider’s club for organizing group trips.
Create a classified section for used 6×6 ATVs and parts.
Provide links to related sites.
Keep everyone in touch with each other no matter which machine they have.

Richard has been hooked on 6×6 vehicles for decades, If you can help him in any way please do!

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