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A Look At The Polaris MV800 Military ATV

Polaris Industries was awarded an Army contract in August of 2007 to build the MV800 multi-fuel military ATV. The contract to produce and deliver ATVs will continue for three years and the first Military ATV units have been delivered, lets take a look.

Polaris MV800 ATV

One of the requirements for the Polaris MV800 military ATV was that it run on standard military JP8 fuel. Polaris met that requirement and the multi-fueled engine can also run on gasoline or diesel if needed. Being able to run on multiple fuel sources keeps our troops safe should one particular source not be readily available.

Here is what Polaris has to say about the MV800.

"Our War-fighters are operating in some of the world's harshest conditions. We are committed to providing them with all terrain vehicles that can make their job easier and increase their mission effectiveness. The MV800 is built to do just that.!

The multi-fuel engine on this military ATV is aptly named the "Patriot Engine' and was designed in partnership with Orbital Corporation, an Australian research and development firm. Thanks for keeping our military safe Polaris.

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