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2008 Kasea ATV Specs

The 2008 Kasea 90 Skyhawk ATV (KS-110) is perhaps the last Kasea ATV to be available in the US since new legislation came into effect in Feb of 2009. The latest Kasea 90 specs feature an air cooled 90cc 2-Stroke engine, constant velocity transmission and a wheel base of 36.6 inches. Seat height is rated at 25.9 inches and the Kasea 90 weighs 233 lbs without fluids. Finding a local Kasea ATV dealer may be difficult due to new ATV laws.

A Kasea ATV

Kasea Motorsports Internationaly imports ATVs into the Unites States from mainland China with factories in Shanghai and Chongqing. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, which came into full effect in Feb of 2009, contained legislation that directly impacts all manufacturers of kids ATV, Kasea included.

Kid ATVs must now be lead free and rider training is encouraged with incentives such as discounts and free helmets. In the interest of safety major manufacturers instantly adopted the new child ATV safety laws and in many cases completely stopped making ATVs for kids.

Kasea continues to sell the Kasea 90 skyhawk KS-110 ATV in the United States but has discontinued all other models according to their website. Unfortunately not all Chinese manufacturers have adopted the new legislation which tarnishes the image of all foreign kids ATV manufacturers including Kasea.

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