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Bill Ballance ATV Racing School w/ Jeremiah Jones

If you're serious about ATV racing you should take a few racing lessons from a pro. Boy are you in luck! How does a Jeremiah Jones and Bill Ballance ATV racing school sound?

They are offering a two day racing clinic on April 5th and 6th in Bowling Green, KY. If you're serious about becoming one of the best ATV racers, take advantage when the best ATV racers offer you one on one advice. Jeremiah Jones is a 5 time National GNC racing champion and Bill Ballance is an 8 time National GNCC Champion, mostly with his team Yamaha ATV.

Bill Balance racing an ATV

Date: April 5 and 6 2008 (ATV racing schools only). Price: $500.00 for a 2 day weekend clinic. Location: Bowling Green, KY. Contact Info: BallanceRacing (at) Registration: Onsite or advance registration (full payment due before first class). Age: Minimum 10 years of age.

Contact bill or Jeremiah via the ballanceracing email address provided above, but don't waste too much time, at 500.00 it's impossible to go wrong and so spots won't last long!

Update: 08/2013 Bill Ballance is currently adding the finishing touches to his new site,, where he sells performance parts. Jeremiah and Bill no longer offer racing classes together though you are free to contact Bill and ask what he would charge for some private time.

Update: doesn't appear to be online anymore.

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