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Golf Cart Dealer Locator Map - Find Golf Cart Dealers Near You

How do I find Golf Cart Dealers Near Me?

This interactive map provided by Google should help you find golf cart dealers near you. It has markers to known local golf cart dealerships that sell or rent golf carts. You can zoom in and out and pan the map around as needed and clicking on a dealer marker will show you it's name, location, address and other important information.

What is a golf cart?

A golf cart is an electric motorized vehicle designed to seat 2-4 people and to carry your golf clubs while on a golf course. It's quiet, has specialized wide and flat tires to minimize course damage and has a roof to keep you out of direct sunlight if you're waiting for someone else to play through. You don't need a golf cart to play a round of golf but it certainly helps if you find the walk long or are nursing a minor injury or simply don't wish to carry your clubs.

golf cart

What can a golf cart dealer do for me?

Each dealership is unique but all will do their best to serve your needs. Some dealerships specialize in a specific golf cart brand such as E-Z-GO, Club Car, Global Electric Motorcars, heck I think even Harley Davidson makes a gold cart. Some retailers will sell all brands and yet others will focus on cart parts, accessories and repairs. Your best bet is to call and let them know what you're looking for, or to just drop by in person and ask questions.

I don't see the brand or company I want

It's very possible that the specific golf cart brand or company you want does not have a dealership in your area but that doesn't mean they don't have an agreement with another local dealership to sell their carts. Your best bet really is to call around to each dealership and ask. If they can't help you they likely know who can and will usually steer you in the right direction.

How do I know this business is trustworthy?

Glad you asked, part of the service Google offers when they list dealerships in their map system is to provide reviews and ratings. Take the time to look at these for your local golf cart dealers and if you have personal experience with any of these then feel free to leave a review of your own. It's hard to stay in business without good customer satisfaction but it's also hard to do business when nobody knows you exist and there are no reviews yet. If a dealer is doing a great job, tell the world in a review!

I hope this helps you find a golf cart dealer near you, when you buy locally you also get to service locally which is great.

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