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by Jean Harris



Since writing my ATV VIN guide I have been asked for help in deciphering a lot of ATV VIN numbers so I’d like to follow up on those basics by providing a list of VIN decoders that can help you do a free ATV VIN check. I’d much prefer that you use the charts and instructions in the original article however it’s sometimes easier to do an ATV VIN check by entering your ATV VIN into a decoder, I know.

A note about the following free VIN decoder list: These are 3rd party websites and I do not own them so I cannot guarantee that your particular ATV VIN decoding efforts will be accurate. Please also remember that many imported ATVs use ATV VIN numbers that do not match up with any standard database and can’t be deciphered with any tool. In these cases please contact the manufacturer or distributor directly and ask them for information on parts or repairs. As always I’ll help you try and figure out what kind of ATV you have but no promises!

Here are some Free ATV VIN Decoder search tools that I have used with success, if you know of others leave a comment. Update: If you know of a Polaris VIN decoder to decode VIN free please leave a mention.

Universal VIN Decoder for all ATV makes and models
Polaris ATV VIN decoder for ATVs

Finding an ATV VIN number: The most likely ATV VIN number location is on the lower left side of the frame, near your left foot’s footrest. Do not confuse the number stamped on the engine as being your ATV’s VIN, the VIN is 17 digits long and not mounted on the engine. If you do not readily see the ATV VIN plate on the lower left side of your frame you can also check the following locations. It may be located near the A-Arm mounts, behind the brush guard, on the swingarm, near the top of the steering shaft and perhaps even behind the air filter housing of the frame. Be patient!

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