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Diamo Storm 300 ATV



Rumors are circulating in several forums that the Diamo ATV product line, including the Diamo Storm 300 ATV pictured above, has been acquired from LS Motorsports by Precision Powersports along with the rest of the Diamo USA brand of products. I’ve sent an email to the Diamo head office for confirmation but in the meantime lets take a closer look at the latest 300cc Diamo Sport ATV called ‘Storm’.

The Diamo Storm 300 has the popular sporty and aggressive appearance loved by sport ATV owners. The engine is a 300cc air cooled 4-stroke linked to a manual 4-speed transmission with reverse capable of 21.6 horsepower. The Diamo Storm weighs in at 440 lbs with a 46 inch wheelbase and 45 inch seat height capable of carrying 330lbs. Color style options include Red, Blue and Yellow which is rare in the ultra competitive sport ATV market because companies routinely use color to distinguish their brand. I suppose with Yellow, Blue, Green and Red already taken by major manufacturers it’s not a bad idea to let prospective buyers choose from all colors on this ATV 300.

The key features on a Diamo 300 ATV are the independent suspension, disk brakes and reverse option but the major considerations making the Diamo 300 a good buy are not on the ATV itself. A rock solid reputation for customer care and quality combined with an MSRP of $3,995 make it a popular choice. The name Diamo is taken from the Italian word Andiamo which means Let’s Go, who doesn’t want to go reliably for less these days?

*UPDATE* Since writing this the Diamo USA website has been abandoned and I don’t know of any U.S. dealer carrying this Chinese ATV any longer. Some Diamo 300 Storm parts may still for sale at auction, in case you need them.