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About the Cushman Trackster Tracked ATV

The first Cushman Trackster came off the assembly line on Feb 13th, 1970. I was marketed as a fun utility all-terrain vehicle capable of performing many different tasks. Buyers had a lot of accesory options to choose from including a molded ring that allowed it to float. A fold down windshield and removable padded bench seat made the trackster an ideal cargo hauler as well.

1985 Odyssey ATV

The Cushman Trackster has a fiberglass body, a die-cast aluminum two-cycle air-cooled engine and an 800 lbd carrying capacity. The Trackster operates on a 12-volt electrical system, a welded steel tube frame and t-bar controls. Max speed for a Cushman ATV is 16MPH(7MPH in reverse).

Cushman Trackster ATVs

The Cushman Trackster at work

What I like most about the Cushman Trackster, besides its gnarly look, is that it is truly a go anywhere vehicle. It's capable of operating in sand and snow and it has a zero-turn radius allowing it to spin in a tight radius. Watch it in action in the Trackster video below.

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