Vandenbrink Carver One Update

by J. Harris



Last year I wrote a 3 wheel scooter review in which I described three different 3 wheel designs that looked promising. One of the vehicles I found most promising in the article was the Persu Hybrid, also known as the Carver or Carver One by Vandenbrink, and I wanted to update you on its progress. In one word the design is phenomenal.

The Vandenbrink Carver One isn’t yet available in the U.S. because it’s still in the advanced stages of design but the Dutch company Carver Nederland BV recently held a Carver driver day that was hailed as a big success. Drivers from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium as well as the Lamborghini member club spent a sunny day testing the Carver in the ‘s-Gravendeel area.

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The Carver One features some incredible design achievements that drivers lucky enough to have taken it for a test run are raving about. The Carver One features a rear engine design that remains stable with a motorcycle like cockpit front end design that can pivot and lean into any turns.



So advanced is the technology in fact that if you thought all you had to do was turn the wheel to make it lean you’d be wrong, the design is much more intuitive than that. When turning the Carver One steering wheel slowly this 3 wheel vehicle will remain level, the amount of lean is proportional to how hard or how quickly you turn the wheel. It’s aerodynamic design and driving characteristics are being compared to a fighter jet cockpit in function which a testament to the skill of the Carver One engineering team. Likely available in the U.S. by 2010!



So what do you think? Do you forsee one in your driveway when they become available in the U.S.? If you find the Carver One a little too dainty for your tastes, or if you prefer raw power over 40mpg economy, don’t worry. You might want to check out the hard edged F3 Adrenaline Trike too. These aren’t ATVs but even riders need a daily driver!

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