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The Best ATV Brand – Poll Results


Which is the best ATV To Buy? ATV Style readers have voted and the poll results are in. The winner for best ATV, in an extremely close race, is Honda! Now before you raise your fist and say “right on”, or shake it in my direction because you disagree, it’s important that you understand exactly how the best ATV vote process worked.

Poll Security: For starters the voting system was set up to monitor votes both by unique IP address and by standard cookie together with a time delay of 24 hours if someone tried to clear cookies or use a proxy to vote more than once. It appears that less than 0.4% of the votes were attempted from the same IP address and/or with the same cookie which is excellent.


Sampling Size: As you can see from the image above the left 11,483 votes were entered between December 24th 2009 and June 24th 2010, which is exactly 6 months. To ensure fairness the voting form was available sitewide from every page so as not to slant the results because of other on page content.

Science: Was the best ATV poll scientific? No, it wasn’t. The question was simply “The Best ATV Is From” which is neither a fair question or indicative on any specific quality. The question was intentionally non descript in order to gauge ONLY the general feeling of visitors about ATV companies in general. To be scientific the poll would have had to gather more information, such as which ATVs were owned by the voter, age, and a reason why. Hey, it’s just a fun poll!

Fairness: Was the best ATV poll fair? Absolutely, in getting visitors opinions about which ATV company they prefer anyway. You have to remember that in general it’s not possible to compare ATV companies against one another because some offer more ATV models than others, some spend more on advertising and race sponsorships etc.

So does that make the poll useless? Absolutely not, the poll took all of those things into consideration by default. If one company paid more in advertising and offered more models of ATVs you’d EXPECT them to have more votes and so from that point of view it’s not hard to see that 1,319 votes for CAN-AM or 358 votes for KTM is excellent. Neither company offers as many models to choose from as Honda and Yamaha. Voting results reflect a roughly 79% U.S., 20% Canada and 1% other country demographic.

Overall: Overall the poll was a great success, thank you to everyone who took a second to submit your favorite choice. Will the voting be run again? Absolutely, it would be fun to see it run next year or in a couple of years to see the difference in ATV enthusiast opinions over time. In case the image doesn’t load for whatever reason here is the voting results breakdown.

  • Honda: 2837 votes
  • Yamaha: 2763 votes (exceptionally close!)
  • Polaris: 1571 votes (came on strong the past 2 months)
  • CAN-AM: 1319 votes (strong finisher over the past 2 months)
  • Suzuki: 899 votes
  • Kawasaki and Arctic Cat: nearly tied with 833 and 831 votes
  • KTM: 358 (not a bad start for a relatively new company)
  • Other: 71 votes

Update: The best ATV to buy is not going to be the same for all ATV riders because we all have different goals. This ATV poll was to gather popular opinion in general only, please read the guides and reviews of individual ATVs to see which is right for you. This poll was run from December 24th 2009 to June 24th 2010, a full 6 months, but things change quickly in the ATV world.