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Baja 90 ATV - 90cc Fun For Kids

The Baja 90 ATV is a fun little all terrain vehicle for kids. I had the pleasure of enjoying a BBQ lunch with my good friend Bill this afternoon and his two sons, age 13 and 14, we're having a blast motoring around the backyard on two 90cc Baja ATVs. He bought the first quad in 2005 and the other is a 2007 Baja ATV. Besides needing to fix one flat tire they have been 100% problem free.

Baja 90cc ATV

Baja ATVs are manufactured by Baja Motorsports and are currently available from Pep Boys in the US as well as Canadian Tire in Canada. Different models years may vary but in general the Baja ATV has a 4-stroke 89.9cc engine rated at between 6.5 and 7.1 BHP (Base Horsepower). The Baja ATV requires the use of SAE 10W30 oil. In cold weather SEA 10W50 can be used but remember to change the oil back to 10W30 for summer.

Baja 90 ATV Specifications

  • Engine Type: 6.3HP four-stroke 85.9cc with electric starter
  • Baja 90 Drivetrain: Automatic transmission
  • Suspension: dual a-arm front and swing arm with mono shocks in rear
  • Braking: front dual drum, rear hydraulic disc
  • Baja Tires: front 16 x 8-7, rear 16 x 8-7
  • Chassis dimensions: 57.8 x 43.3 x 34.6 inches (L x W x H), 291 pounds dry weight
  • Baja 90 ATV Features: parental control, throttle control with key start

Overall, after having watched two teen aged boys ride around on them for over 45 minutes and listened to my friend Bill rave about them, I'd recommend this fun little quad to anyone in the market. Please make sure to keep your ATV 90cc well maintained and to follow local age laws and safety laws and they could very well last you for years.

Baja Parts are relatively inexpensive and MSRP price was $580.00.

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