Working with an ATV Plow

by Jean Harris



ATVs are versatile and can accomplish many jobs around the house including mowing the lawn using pull behind mowers, towing materials and snow removal with an ATV plow.

Bjr400x recently asked me a question about atving with quad plows via twitter:

I’ve heard of some quad wheelers having snow plows on them. Is this an option for my 2002 Honda 400ex?

The answer to this question is yes, there is an ATV plow designed to fit most popular makes and models of ATV. I’m writing this ATV plow review to answer some common questions related to ATV plows, you’re invited to ask questions in the ATV forum too.

ATV Plow Blades: Plow blade technology is continually advancing and not all plow blades are created alike, you’re going to want to have a general idea of how you intend to use the plow before buying one. For occasional plowing a 48 inch blade is recommended but if you plan on using it frequently or on bigger jobs you’ll want to consider buying a 54 inch blade or perhaps even a 60 inch plow blade. What you need to know is that a smaller blade is easier to maneuver and you will have more options for lifting the blade. A wider blade can cover a wider area in a single pass but is less maneuverable.

ATV plow blades are available with a straight design best suited to general plowing needs and with an angled design perfect for throwing snow and other materials aside. The benefit of using a straight blade is it’s sturdiness in pushing materials straight forward and in leveling ground. An angled blade on the other hand can be used continually without building up too heavy of a load in front of the ATV.

ATV plow base: The base on an ATV plow is where the blade itself connects to the frame mounting hardware and there are several options available that can increase the usefulness of your ATV plow. One such plow accessory is called a pivot or power-pivot which is a motorized connection capable of turning the plow blade right an left. Another handy feature is a quick disconnect that allows you to attach or remove the plow blade quickly.

ATV plow mounting kit: A permanent mounting plate can either be bolted or welded onto your ATV, usually somewhere near the footpeg area on the bottom of your ATVs frame. Once attached the mounting plate also provides for quick attachment and release of the plow. By mounting the blade further back on the frame instead of to the front of the ATV weight is transferred further back which helps maintain front ground clearance. If your ATV plow is getting worn replacement parts are available.





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