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ATV helmet light pros and cons, before you buy

Think safety and security when considering purchasing an ATV helmet light kit. ATV helmets are a necessity for enjoying off-road riding safely. Adding a helmet light is a good idea on trips that last into the night. Can you put a price on safety? Have you ever wished you had them already? Here are some pros and cons to consider before buying an ATV helmet light kit.

ATV Helmet Lights

ATV helmet light pros (and things to look for)

  • A light source in low visibility and dark conditions
  • High visibility so others can see you too
  • Rechargeable Batteries with an ATV charger or adapter plug
  • A power pack that you can attach to your belt or put in your pocket
  • A heavy duty yet removable light mounting kit
  • Standard or LED bulbs that you can replace yourself
  • High and Low power settings to conserve power until needed
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Tip: find an LED based helmet light system that uses rechargeable batteries, preferably needing the same charger as your mobile device. Save the battery on your mobile phone for communication, it will last longer.

ATV helmet light cons (and things to avoid)

  • Avoid buying a light kit that is too heavy, you'll notice the neck strain
  • Kits that only plug into the ATV and not into a portable battery
  • Helmet lights that don't allow you to replace the bulb
  • Give the brackets a good shake, you don't want the lights bouncing around
  • An easy to reach on/off switch is a must
  • Quality plastics, the lights need to be able to take some abuse
  • Kits that don't offer a warranty
  • Kits with proprietary bulbs or batteries that force you to buy from them only
  • important: Avoid any product that requires drilling into the helmet, it compromises structural integrity
  • Tip: Make sure your helmet lights are waterproof

Your ATV's headlights won't do you much good if you need to walk away from your ATV, invest in some helmet lights. Helmet Lights make you more visible to other riders and they don't look half bad anymore! The ATV helmet headlight kit in the picture above is from trail tech but there are several brands on the market. Look for an easy on off switch and a powerful lithium ion battery pack that isn't bulky. Several ATV brands offer helmet lights as an accesory, ask for a recommendation when you're in the shop.

A helmet light kit can be stored easily in a backpack if you don't want it on your helmet full time. You'll appreciate the peace of mind in being prepared if/when you find yourself needing one. Emergency repairs after dusk are so much easier when you can see what you're doing while having your hands free!

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