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ATV Exhaust Silencer Tips and Reviews

ATV Exhaust – Quality exhaust pipes, mufflers and systems from HMF, Yoshimura, Big Gun, White Brothers, D&D and others discussed here on ATVStyle. Read and share the ATV exhaust tips below or jump ahead to read the Evo Exhaust, Yoshimura Aluminum Exhaust and Dr.D Silencer reviews.



One of the most popular methods of adding horsepower to an ATV is by installing a new aftermarket exhaust system. With so many brands, makes and models on the market it's easy to get distracted and, ultimately, disappointed.

I’ve put together this ATV exhaust system buyers guide to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. If you have ATV exhaust related questions please contact me and I’ll do my best to answer your questions in a follow up post.

Tip: The Bling Factor, ATV exhaust style, looks and appearance. Quality craftsmanship looks good longer!

Lets get this subject out of the way first. If appearance is higher on your list of important qualities than performance or price I suggest picking up the latest issue of your favorite ATV magazine to see some high quality print images. These are likely to be more flattering than say a regular internet image search.

Tip: The Durability Factor, because You Want It To Last. Thicker gauge metals often take longer to wear out!

I strongly recommend going with a top brand name or well known manufacturer if you place value on ATV exhaust longevity. Not only do they have a reputation to uphold in the industry but they likely back their products to make sure you are happy with your parts purchase. When properly installed and maintained there is no reason your ATVs exhaust can’t last as long as the ATV itself.

Tip: The price factor, because nobody likes to pay too much. Consider used ATV exhaust systems from swap meets and classifieds!

If price is a strong factor in your decision making process consider new, used and OEM aftermarket ATV exhaust systems separately. Often times a little diligence in searching the swap meets, talking with other ATV enthusiasts in a forum and looking at the for sale classifieds will yield the part you want AT A PRICE YOU WANT TO PAY. Also, look for free shipping, always!

Example: I found an awesome deal on a complete Yoshimura pipe by buying the entire ATV second hand, with original exhaust included, and I then sold the ATV for a small profit – minus the pipe I wanted of course. It takes time to research but it CAN be done.

Tip: The WOW factor, finding the ATV exhaust system that sounds best. Get to the dunes and listen for the sound you want!

There are noise bylaws to consider in most riding areas but the last thing you want is a quad that rides great but sounds like it swallowed a chipmunk. There is no substitute for getting out there with other ATV riders and listening for that sweet sound in person. You can’t trust word of mouth and youtube videos on this one, trust me, and remember that ATVs sound different under different circumstances.

Altitude, tuning, jetting, distance and even the angle of the ATV in relation to where you are play a distinctive role in determining the sound you hear. Make sure to cover all the angles.

Tip: Tell The World, help others find good bargains too. If you’ve found a great deal on an aftermarket or performance system please leave a comment and tell the world about it including make and store location as well as how long you’ve owned it.

Evo Exhaust System On a Polaris Predator


Increase engine performance with the Evo limited complete Polaris Predator 500 exhaust system. Black ceramic coating inside and out give EVO exhaust pipes a much desired look of pure performance. Craftsmanship and attention to detail give this exhaust system, and your Polaris Predator 500, much more than just good looks.

The best feature is that it succeeds in increasing horsepower ratings without being too loud and as you know all too well that’s no small task. A closer look at the key features, and at why this exhaust system would make a great addition to your Polaris Predator ATV.

  • Hi performance packing with stainless steel screen
  • Billet aluminum end cap with removable tip
  • Internal and external ceramic coating with a flat black finish
  • 6061 T-6 Aluminum silencer housing
  • 18 gauge mild steel pipe
  • Stainless steel 1 3/4 inch internal core
  • USFS approved screen type spark arrestor
  • 94 decibel Vortex Quiet stainless steel insert
  • 6-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Great customer support and return policy

Yoshimura RS-2 Aluminum Exhaust Review


The Yoshimura RS-2 Stainless Aluminum Exhaust is delivered with a complete kit that includes mounting hardware and well written installation instructions. Yoshimura is well known in the ATV exhaust industry and in my opinion this years RS-2 exhaust system is on par with past stainless and aluminum models made by Yoshimura which just happens to mean they are among the best available for your sport ATV or Quad.



Yoshimura ran a dyno test of the RS-2 Full Exhaust System on a 2009 YFZ 450r ATV vs the stock exhaust system and muffler and as you can see the Full Yoshimura RS-2 Stainless Aluminum Exhaust system yields an increase of 2.3 maximum horsepower and 1.6 lbs of torque. The dyno test on the Yosh RS-2 exhaust was run with a 96db sound insert USFS approved spark arrestor but 94db and 99db inserts are also available.

Power gains lean towards improved full throttle high RPM response meaning they allow an ATV engine to breathe more freely at top speed. MSRP is currently $595.00.

Dr. D Silencer on YFZ 450 ATV


YFZ 450 Silencer – Dr. D designed this high quality, high performance yfz 450 silencer race exhaust system to get a bit more bite with less bark, and for less money too.

Dr.D manufactures the lightweight aluminum YFZ 450 silencer for your Yamaha ATV using high quality craftsmanship with an aggressive but pleasant sound. DrD also manufactures distinctive looking YFZ450 silencers in a state of the art manufacturing facility using a pillow packing method to make sure you get more power from your engine without being too loud.

This 4-stroke, race ready, YFZ450 performance silencer is ready for the race track, sand dunes and trails alike.

YFZ450 performance exhaust silencer features

  • More efficient intake stroke
  • Resistant to reflective exhaust pulses
  • Lower net cylinder pressure
  • Step system provides low arch at the low end of the power-band
  • Substantial gains at the mid and high end of the power range
  • Dyno tests demonstrate a 3.6 horsepower increase at peak over stock
  • U.S.F.S spark regulations compliant
  • Shipped to you in 24 hours to 48 hours on average
  • Great customer service and return policy

Bolt on power that looks good and sounds great, that’s hard to beat!