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#1 - ATV vs Dirt Bike Safety Comparison

Dirt bikes are safer than ATVs, especially for young riders, according to studies by Johns Hopkins University. ATVs are involved in fewer accidents but injuries are more frequent and more severe for ATV riders than they are for dirt bike riders. Why? Because the ATV is much heavier and is more likely to roll over and injure a rider. In comparison riders tend to be thrown clear of a dirt bike after an accident.

ATV vs Dirt Bike

"Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that victims of ATV crashes were 50 percent more likely to die and 55 percent more likely to be admitted into intensive care than those injured in dirt-bike crashes." ~ The study concludes that dirt bikes are safer than four wheelers. Researchers noted that ATV riders were less likely to wear a helmet, you should always wear a helmet!

#2 - ATVs provide year round utility

ATVs perform better than dirt bikes in bad weather conditions, regardless of season. You can't easily ride a dirt bike in bad weather but an ATV performs well in almost all weather conditions, even packed snow. An ATV can carry cargo or tow a small trailor where a dirt bike cannot. An ATV is a better option than a dirt bike due to being more functional in a wider range of activities, such as when doing yardwork.

#3 - It's easier to learn how to ride an ATV

Four wheel ATVs are more stable than two-wheel dirt bikes, especially on trails that are often bumpy. New and Young riders are more likely to crash a dirt bike than an ATV. A vehicle with four wheels is more stable than a vehicle with two wheels. The risks of an accident are reduced further if the vehicle they ride is age appropriate and not too big. Learning to ride an ATV is also faster than learning to ride a dirtbike without crashing.

#4 - Dirt bikes are cheaper than ATVs

If cost is a primary consideration the dirt bike is a better choice. Maintenance costs are higher on an ATV than on a dirt bike. ATVs cost more to buy than dirt bikes of the same rider class. Replacing two tires is cheaper than replacing four tires, etc. Because ATVs are heavier they also burn more fuel than a dirt bike does to cover the same distance.

#5 - ATV vs dirt bike storage and transportation

A dirt bike is easier to transport because it is lighter and takes less room than an ATV. The same is true for storage. A dirt bike can often fit inside the garage of a typical home with a car. ATVs take up more room than dirt bikes and won't always fit next to a car inside the garage. That's why it's important to consider storage and transportation when deciding on ATV vs dirt bike. Two dirt bikes can easily fit in the back of a small truck while some trucks struggle to hold just one ATV.

Conclusion - ATV vs Dirt Bike

  • A dirt bike is safer than an ATV
  • An ATV provides more utility than a dirt bike
  • An ATV is easier to learn to ride than a dirt bike
  • A dirt bike is cheaper to buy and maintain than an ATV
  • A dirt bike is easier to store and transport than an ATV

Those are the facts so which is better overall, the ATV or the dirt bike? Your answer depends entirely on your personal preference, needs and situation. Plan accordingly!

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