Three Types of 3 Wheel Scooters

by Jean Harris



The Piaggio 3 Wheel MP3 Scooter – Piaggio first introduced this 3 wheel scooter concept in early 2006 at a motor show and by 2007 they were available with a 125cc and 250cc engine. By 2008 it came with a 400cc engine and for 2009 a 492cc engine is available in the sleeker than ever Piaggio MP3 500 3 wheel scooter above.

ATVStyle usually focuses on ATVs of the four wheeler variety but you have to admit that these 3 wheel scooters have style too. They may be light in all terrain capability but they are heavy in style, I’ve chosen three of my favorite models for this 3 wheels scooter review, let me know which is your favorite or best of the lot below.

Piaggio MP3 500 Technical Specifications

Engine: 1 master cylinder 4 stroke, 4 valve w/ electronic injection
Horsepower: 40 hp @ 7,250 rpm
Torque: 31 ft. lbs @ 5,550 rpm
Dry Weight: 538 lbs (244 kg)
Maximum Speed: 89 mph (143 km/h)
Colors: Demon Black and Passion Red
Manufacturer: Piaggio USA



The Sidam Xnovo – Up next is this Sidam Xnovo 3 wheel scooter concept vehicle. It’s lower frame and rear wheels most closely resemble a scooter so I am voting this my current favorite semi-enclosed 3 wheel scooter. It remains to be seen if Sidam Motor will bring this economical 3 wheel scooter to market. If they do, want one?



The Persu Hybrid, also known under the name Venture One, is being developed by Persu Mobility which was formerly known as Venture Vehicles before desiring a more distinctive name. Confused? Don’t be, this Carver Technology 3 wheel scooter is destined to reach U.S. roads in the near future, maybe.

The Persu Hybrid most closely resembles a motorcycle but it doesn’t perform like one and it’s not a traditional car due to it’s small size and special skills. Three wheeled scooters now tilt, thanks to recent three wheel technology advances, and the Persu Hybrid can tilt up to 40 degrees, maybe, if it reaches the light of day in a tough economy.

What makes the Persu Hybrid my favorite enclosed 3 wheel scooter? This!

Fuel economy and low emissions are to be expected for small vehicles, and the Persu Hybrid is no exception. With the narrower shape and smaller size of the Persu Hybrid, owners will enjoy significantly less fuel consumption compared to other conventional vehicles.

The reliability and performance of established technologies are integrated into the efficient Persu Hybrid package to deliver extraordinary vehicle performance, estimated maximum speeds of 100 mph while achieving an earth friendly 75 + MPG.

*update: Persu V3, or Persu version three, is now taking reservations.

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