Honda Odyssey ATV 1977-1985 – A Look Back

by Jean Harris

1985 Odyssey ATV

1985 Odyssey ATV

This FL350 Honda Odyssey was recently rebuilt and it runs strongly, an impressive feat after being idle for 15 years. New parts include stock axles, factory u joints and new rear shocks and it has inspired me to share more of what I know about 1977-1985 Honda Odysseys with you.

The engine is an air cooled 329.1cc 2 stroke single cylinder design with a bore and stroke of 78.5mm x 68mm and a 32mm piston value carburetor with reed valve. An automatic clutch and V-Belt torque converter with reverse transmission make it fun to ride. The Odyssey has a dry weight of 602 lbs.

The Honda Odyssey ATV line has a reputation for being well built and lasting a long time, unfortunately as the years go by parts and information become harder to find. If you happen to come across a Honda Odyssey for sale don’t let a little dust or faded paint frighten you off, whats underneath is a lot of fun and they are solidly designed. The Honda Odyssey fl350 has earned a loyal following thanks in no small part to how long they last with proper maintenance, a Honda Odyssey buggy may outlast the desire to drive it.

Honda Odyssey 350 Specifications: 1977 to 1984

1977 to 1984 Honda Odyssey ATV ground clearance is 5.51 inches
Turning Radius: 1977-80 = 17.4 feet, 1981-84 = 14.1 feet
Dry Weight: 1977-79 = 397 lbs, 1980 = 408 lbs, 1981-84 = 423 lbs
Maximum Climbing Angle: 1977-84 = 35 degrees
Stopping Distance: 1977-84 = 20 metres from 50 kmh / 61 feet @ 31.25 mph
Engine Type: 1977-84 = air cooled 2-stroke engine
li>Engine Displacement: 1977-84 = 248cc, 15.1 cubic inches.
Compression Ratio: 1977-84 = 6.6:1
Idle Speed: 1977-84 = 1500 rpm
Spark Plug: 1977-84 = NGK BR7ES
Brakes: 1977-84 = Self adjusting cable actuated disc
Parking Brake 1977-84 = Cable actuated shoe and drum
Headlights: 1977-79 = 6V-35W, 1980 = 12V-45W, 1981-84 = 12V-60W
Taillight: 1977-79 = none, 1980 = 12V-3W for Canadian Models Only, 1981-84 = 12V-3W
Ignition System 1977-80 = Points and Condenser, 1981-84 = Capacitor Ignition System (CDI)

1985 Honda Odyssey ATV FL350R Specs

Engine: 329.1cc / 20.08cid, 2-cycle, Air-cooled
Fuel: Premix 20:1 with a minimum of 89 octane
Starter: Electric and recoil
Ignition: Solid state CD
Clutch: Automatic
Transmission: V-belt torque converter with F/N/R gearbox
Length: 85 inches
Width: 61 inches
Height: 54.7 inches
Wheelbase: 61 inches
Ground clearance: 8.3 inches
Fuel capacity: 3.8 gallons, including 0.7 gallon reserve
Tires: Front: 21 x 7-10 high flotation
Rear: 24 x 11-10 high flotation
Suspension: Front: Dual-trailing arms w/hydraulic shocks, 4.3 inches of travel
Rear: Diagonal link-type w/gas charged shocks, 5.9 inches of travel
Brakes: Front: Dual hydraulic drums
Rear: Hydraulic disc
Honda Odyssey ATV Dry weight: 584 pounds



Note: The FLR350 Honda Odyssey ATV has strong collector interest and prices for complete models and FLR350 parts has risen accordingly, and become more scarce. Contact ATVStyle on Twitter to talk about the FL350.

Pictures of a 1985 FL350 Honda Odyssey ATV

85 fl350 odyssey front picture

85 fl350 odyssey front picture






1985 Honda Odyssey rear end

1985 odyssey atv seat



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